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2024 gigs

21st Dec: Old Duke

26th Nov: Black Horse, Kingswood

23rd Oct: Old Duke

20th Oct: Royal Oak, Clevedon, 4 pm

28th Sept: Langport cider barn

8th Sep: Almondsbury Creative Cider Festival supporting FIVE

27th July: Three Tuns, Chepstow

20th July: Private festival Mikestock

16th July: Black Horse, Kingswood

13th July: Frome festival at the Cornerhouse

29th June: Pill Memorial Club

22nd June: Old Duke

31st May: Pill Rag at the Kings Arms,  Easton-in-Gordano

12th May: Trio gig at the Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano

20th April: Hedgers cider barn, Redhill

13th April: Two Brewers, Chepstow

12th April: Riff Corner, Clevedon

31st Mar: Three Tuns 5pm (trio gig)

17th Mar: Woodborough Inn, Winscombe, afternoon gig with Fleigh O'Hara

16th Mar: Old Duke (Fleigh O'Hara)

3rd Feb: Old Duke (cancelled)

2023 gigs

19th Dec: Black Horse, Kingswood

16th Dec: Old Duke

10th Dec: Cornerhouse. Frome 8pm kick off

19th Nov: Eldon House, 5 pm start

18th Nov: Elm Tree, Hanham

10th Nov: Riff Corner, Clevedon 20:30

8th Oct: Royal Oak, Clevedon 4pm 

1st Oct: Duo gig at the 3 Tuns, Chepstow

19th Aug: c

12th Aug: 3 Tuns, Chepstow

30th July: Trio at the Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano 2:30pm

22nd July: Old Duke

15th July: Private gig

14th July: Cornerhouse Frome

16th June: Square and Compass, Worth Matravers, Dorset

10th June: Private gig

19th May: Dartmouth festival, Flavel Arts centre 5pm

14th May: Eldon House duo gig 5pm

4th May: Old Duke

18th April: Black Horse, Kingswood

31st Mar: Trio at the Riff Corner, Clevedon

17th Mar: Old Duke (Fleigh O'hara)

3rd March: The Bell, Redbrook

12th Feb: Horseshoe, Downend

4th Feb: Old Duke

14th Jan: 3 Tuns, Chepstow

2022 gigs

17th Dec: The Cornerhouse, Frome

3rd Dec: The Oxford, Totterdown

26th Nov: Square and Compass, Worth Matravers, Dorset

19th Nov: The Old Duke, Bristol

29th Oct: Riff Corner, Clevedon

13th Oct: Duo at the Fringe, Clifton 

30th Sept: Duo at the Riff Corner, Clevedon, 8pm

25th Sept: Royal Oak, Clevedon, 4pm

10th Sept: Old Duke

24th July: Duo at the Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano, 14:30pm

17th July: The George @ Kempsford, near Fairford 16:30pm 

16th July: Private gig 

2nd July: Private gig (pilots)

25th June: Kingsdown Vaults

28th May: Nailsea festival

22nd May: Eldon House Clifton (5pm)

21st May: The Oxford, Totterdown

14th May: Kingsdown Vaults

11th May: Old Duke

2nd April: 3 Tuns, Chepstow

17th March: Fleigh O'Hara, Old Duke

26th Feb: Old Duke

5th Feb: The Oxford, Totterdown

22nd Jan: Private gig (Sth Bank club)

2021 gigs

18th Dec: Glam Harry, Fiddlers

4th Dec: Old Duke

30th Oct: Old Duke

24th Oct: Royal Oak, Clevedon 16:00 kick off 

3rd Oct: Eldon House

28th Sept: Grain Barge

18th Sept: Iron Acton Mash

11th Sept: Old Duke

28th Aug: Duo at the Golden Lion fund raiser 18:00

7th Aug: Woodystock festival, Woodborough Inn, Winscombe, 17:00

18th July: Duo gig at the Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano, 3pm


2020 gigs

19th Dec: Glam Harry, Fiddlers

12th Dec: Cornerhouse, Frome

5th Dec: Old Duke

4th Dec: The Queen Vic, Stroud

31st Oct: Old Duke 4pm

19th Sept: Old Duke

5th Sept: Private gig

22nd July: Cancelled Private gig 

11th July: Cornerhouse, Frome

10th July: The Bell, Redbrook

5th July: Glam Harry at the Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano, 3pm 

13th June: Kings Head, Coleford, Somerset

12th June: Private gig

6th June: KDV festival (6pm)

6th June: Old Duke 9pm

16th May: Old Duke 4pm

21st March: Cancelled Old Duke, Fleigh O'Hara

17th March: Cancelled St Patrick's night special at the KDV with Fleigh O'Hara

13th March: Cancelled Fiddlers

7th March: Private gig

5th March: Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano 8pm start

23rd Feb: Eldon House, Clifton, 5:30 pm

1st Feb: Rolleston, Swindon

25th Jan: The Rising Sun, Windmill Hill

4th Jan: The Golden Lion, Gloucester Rd

2019 gigs

21st Dec: Glam Harry, Fiddlers

14th Dec: Cornerhouse, Frome

7th Dec: Old Duke

3rd Nov: Eldon house, Clifton 17:30pm

11th Oct: Rolleston, Swindon

5th Oct: No 1 Harbourside 23:00 lift off.

21st Sept: Old Duke

25th Aug: Seymour Arms, Blagdon, 15:00 start

28th July: Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano, 3pm start

26th July: Kingsdown Vaults, Bristol

20th July: Private gig

13th July: Cornerhouse, Frome

22nd June: Pensfest, Pensford, 12pm to 9pm, 6pm show time

8th June: Old Duke

19th May: Bar Brunel, Bridgewater (18:30 start)

5th May: Eldon House 17:30

4th May: Private

6th April : Private

29th March: Rose and Crown, Hinton Charterhouse

17th March: Kingsdown Vaults, (Fleigh O'hara)

16th March: Old Duke (Fleigh O'hara)

9th Feb: 3 Tons, Chepstow

2018 gigs

22nd Dec: Glam Harry, Fiddlers

18th Dec: Downend Tavern

15th Dec: The Old Duke, Bristol

14th Dec: The Cornerhouse, Frome

8th Dec: The Star, Wotton u Edge

16th Nov: Kingsdown Vaults, Bristol

11th Nov: Eldon House, Clifton, 16:30 lift off

6th Oct: Queen's Tap, Swindon

22nd Sept: The Old Duke, Bristol

2nd Sept: Bar Brunel Bridgewater

26th Aug: Seymour Arms, Blagdon 5pm start

25th Aug: The Riverside, Saltford 

21st July: Private gig

20th July: Private gig

14th July: Cornerhouse Frome

30th June: Kingsdown Vaults street party 4pm

9th June: Kings Head, Coleford, Somerset

3rd June: Private gig

25th May: Private gig 

6th May: The Quicksilver Mail in Yeovil

5th May The Old Duke, Bristol

21st April: Private gig

13th April: Kingsdown Vaults, Bristol

6th April: The Old Bookshop, Bedminster, Bristol

10th Mar: Eldon House, Clifton, Bristol

24th Feb: Queen's Tap, Swindon

11th Feb: Bar Brunel, Bridgewater

3rd Feb: The Old Duke, Bristol

27th Jan: The Shakespeare, Totterdown

2017 gigs

23rd Dec GLAM HARRY, Fiddlers

19th Dec: Downend Tavern, Bristol Blues Club

18th Dec: The Bell, Walcot St Bath

16th Dec: The Old Duke, Bristol

15th Dec: The Cornerhouse , Frome

2nd Dec: Kings head, Coleford, Somerset

18th Nov: No1 Harbourside

14th Oct: Queens Tap, Swindon

7th Oct: Kings Arms, Sth Zeal, Devon

23rd Sept: The Old Duke, Bristol

16th Sept: Middlezoy Hall, Nr Bridgewater

27th Aug: Seymour Arms, Blagdon, 3pm gig

12th Aug: Radford Mill Blues festival

6th Aug: Kings Head, Coleford, Somerset, 5pm in the garden

29th July: Private gig

22nd July: Private gig

15th July, Cornerhouse, Frome festival

2nd July: Bar Brunel, Bridgewater 6pm start

1st July: The Star, Wotton under Edge

9th June: Private gig

27th May: Private gig

18th May: Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano, 8pm start

6th May: The Old Duke, Bristol

2nd May: Downend Tavern, Bristol Blues Club

30th April: The Quicksilver Mail in Yeovil

15th April: Eldon House, Clifton, Bristol

8th April: No1 harbourside, Bristol, 11pm kick off

22nd March, private party

18th Mar: Fleigh O'Hara The Old Duke, Bristol

17th Mar: Fleigh O'Hara, The Orchard, Spike Island, Bristol

11th Mar: Golden Lion, Gloucester Rd, Bristol

28th Jan: The Old Duke, Bristol

21st Jan: Queen's Tap, Swindon


2016 gigs

23rd Dec: GLAM HARRY, Fiddlers

16th Dec: The Cornerhouse, Frome

8th Dec: The Ship, Keynsham

26th Nov: The Old Duke, Bristol

29th Oct : The Swan, Wedmore

23rd Oct : Bar Brunel, Bridgewater

15th Oct: the Blue lagoon

2nd Oct: Eldon House, Bristol

1st Oct: The Old Duke

11th Sept: The George, Chipping Sodbury, 2pm charity gig in the garden

28th August: The Old Duke festival

24th July: En-fest, Yeovil 

9th July: Priddy Folk Festival

7th July: The Old Duke

2nd July: Frome festival, Cornerhouse Frome

1st July, Iron Acton Mash

4th June: The Old Duke

21st May : The Golden Lion, Gloucester Rd

14th May : Dartmouth festival, The Windjammer

11th May: The Horseshoe, Downend

7th May: The Star, Wotton under Edge

8th April: The Rolleston, Swindon

17th Mar : Fleigh O'Hara at the Orchard, Spike island

21st Feb:  the Cornerhouse  Frome (7 pm gig)

30th Jan: The Eldon House, Clifton ...headlining the festival

2nd Jan: The Old Duke

2015 gigs

29th Dec: Orchard, Spike Island, Bristol

23rd Dec: Glam Harry, Fiddlers, Bristol

5th Dec: Old Duke

4th Dec: Rolleston, Swindon

7th Nov : The Venue, Portishead

6th Nov : Mr Wolf's

24th Oct : Southband

23rd Oct : Bootlegger

8th October : Blue lagoon

2nd Oct : Flan O'Brien's, bath

13th Sept : Black Horse, Clapton

30th Aug : Old Duke Festival

29th Aug : Eldon House

23rd Aug : Devises Festival

11th July : Lion, Sth Zeal

6th July : Frome festival

3rd July : Iron Acton mash

26th June : Bootlegger

13th June : Old Duke

30th may : Pill Regatta

16th May : Dartmouth festival

2nd May : Eldon House

27th April : The Ship, Keynsham

25th April : Usk

4th April : Devises festival

28th march : No1 harbourside

21st march : Rolleston, Swindon

17th March : Orchard

14th march : Old Duke

1st Feb : Black Horse

10th Jan : The Venue Portishead

3rd Jan : The Canteen

12th June: Private gig (TBC)


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